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Inspire and promote professional values of interior design profession.
Develop and create a sense of community.
Integrate and promote public outreach projects.

IDI is pleased to present the 2017/2018 ASID Student Board at IDI!

I am honored and excited to introduce the 2017-2018 idi Student ASID Board of Directors. We are here to help raise awareness of the benefits of ASID student membership, create a sense of community, and assist with career development. We have planned activities and events with you in mind. Our tagline for
2017-2018 is “Time for change.” Please join me in congratulating the board. We are here to represent you.

To contact us, please email We look forward to a successful year!
Megan Pulfer, President

Board of Directors

 Pres-MPulfer_120x150 Megan Pulfer began her pursuit of interior design in the summer of 2015, although, her first passion was for dance. At the age of 16, she was accepted into a prestigious art high school in North Carolina for dance. After graduating high school she started dancing professionally which lead her to live in Missouri, Chicago, Israel, and LA. Megan retired from dance in spring 2017 wrapping up her 13-year career as a professional dancer. She is the Artistic Director of two non-profit dance companies in Huntington Beach for which she choreographs and teaches dance. Her current passion for interior design continues to grow with every term at IDI and is finding how one artistic outlet flows into another. Megan is in her final year of the AA program and plans to continue to the BA program.
Megan Pulfer President
VP-SRees_120x150 Shaya Rees knew she wanted to pursue a creative industry, thriving in art and photography classes, but was unsure which industry that would be. After connecting with a family friend who had attended IDI and listening to her encouragement to follow her passions, she took a leap of faith and gave interior design a try. Shaya began IDI fall of 2015 right out of high school. That decision has proven to be one of the best she has ever made and her passion for design has flourished. Shaya is drawn to stories and believes you can share and tell stories through design. She believes design allows you to create spaces for others to come together and make memories for generations to come.
Shaya Rees Vice President
Sec-SHagge-Carson_120x150 Sarah is a southern California native and has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design from California State University Long Beach. While her 7-year graphic design career flourished, she knew her passion lay in another artistic field. Upon exploring experiential design, a new path became clear: what better way to create an artistic impact than to design the environments that people interact with? Her passion for this goal and for incorporating her life-long love of color, texture, textiles, and architecture led her to the IDI certificate program. Entering her third term at IDI, Sarah is looking forward to contributing to a positive and enriching learning experience.
Sarah Hagge-Carson Secretary
Treas-GHertel_120x150 Grace Hertel is in her second year of the AA program with plans to go onto the BA. Originally from Colorado, she moved to California two years ago when she then decided to further her education and get a second degree at IDI. Grace’s first degree is a BFA in Production Design from Savannah College of Art and Design. After school, she worked at a museum in Colorado and did some scenic painting before deciding that interior design would be a better fit. Grace is interested in going into commercial design where she can create an immersive environment that tells a story.
Grace Hertel Treasurer
Presently   a  student   at  the  Interior Designers  Institute,  Sankhamala  is passionate about hospitality, commercial and sustainable design. Her academic backgrounds  in  history  and  education generously  help  her  in filtering  thoughts and  giving  them  shape. Hailing  from a multi- cultural society, she has the ability to work in teams.  She is inspired to perform what she calls “inclusive design” and intends to pursue a career of design meant not only to beautify things but also to add meaning to them.  Sankhamala enjoys Indian classical dance and choreography.
Sankhamala Bardhan, MA, B.ED, Student ASID Director of Membership
Amena lived in Dubai for most of her adult life until she moved to California three years ago with her husband and 2 boys.  Living in that part of the world, she was privileged to have traveled to more than 40 different countries.  As a current student, Amena is pursuing a BA in interior design, and feels lucky to be able to take this time to better herself.  Amena has a keen interest in hospitality and commercial design. She has an art and graphic design background and feels she has been able to apply those skills to the field of interior design.  Amena now realizes she has always been an interior designer.  First, it was space planning in her head; now it’s on paper!
Amena Tareen, Student ASID Director of Communication
Bobbi has been an accomplished model and actor for several years.  After a brief stint as a WWE wrestler, she is now reinventing herself as a residential interior designer.  Bobbi is fully committed, commuting weekly from her home in Las Vegas, NV to Newport Beach, CA so she can attend idi. Bobbi’s goal is to establish herself as a premier residential interior designer, and based upon some of Bobbi’s work to date, she is well on her way!  Along with cultivating her design passions, Bobbi has developed a strong social media following via Twitter Verified and Yelp Elite.  Bobbi knows how to connect with people, turning interest into action. As a result, Bobbi has leveraged her online presence into a successful fundraising campaign for PANCAN – the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. PANCAN raises money for pancreatic cancer research, a cause close to Bobbi’s heart after losing her father to the deadly disease.
Bobbi Billard, Student ASID Director of Fundraising
Kenneth is currently working on his Associates Degree and has also completed his Bachelors in Culinary Arts.  He has worked for Food Network as a set designer assistant and The Los Angeles Times Food Editorial Section as a lifestyle blogger and food stylist.  He is passionate about enhancing people’s lives from all perspectives – from the design of your home, to the food that you  consume. Kenneth  is  also  pursuing  his  LEED Green  Associate accreditation.
Kenneth Duran, Student ASID Director of Graphic Design
Faculty Advisor Cynthia Amaral:

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